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We love to make new friends. Whether it’s meeting for coffee at a neighborhood café, sharing stories at a Victory Group, or enjoying a friend’s company at a special event, our heart is to sincerely love other people.

As we grow closer in our personal relationships with each other, it is our prayer and hope that we will likewise nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’ve never decided to have a relationship with Jesus, well, we would love to help you get to know Him better.

At Victory Fort Bonifacio, we believe spiritual growth is all about relationships. If you’d like to take your faith to that next level, to really experience the freedom that comes with an empowered, victorious life in Christ, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

There are two ways to get started:

Victory Groups. Designed for Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and encouragement, Victory group meetings are open to anyone who would like to grow in their relationship with God. Victory Fort Bonifacio is home to hundreds of Victory groups that meet throughout Metro Manila – in homes, offices, campuses, malls, coffee shops, and other venues – for an hour once a week. Please click here if you are interested in joining a Victory group that matches your schedule preference.

One 2 One. At Victory Fort Bonifacio, we help our new brothers and sisters in the faith start right in their walk with God through a six-lesson follow-up and discipleship guide called One 2 One. This guide discusses Salvation, Lordship, Repentance, Baptism, the Bible and Prayer, and the Church. Please click here if you’d like someone from Victory Fort to meet with you personally to study One 2 One.

One 2 One prepares the new believer for Victory Weekend.

Victory Weekend is a two-day seminar or retreat that includes worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and personal ministry. It is a time to deepen our relationship with God and is designed to help believers understand their freedom in Christ and the benefits of church life. The goal of Victory Weekend is to establish the spiritual foundations necessary for a lifelong walk with God.

Victory Weekend is composed of three parts:
Preparing for Victory. Preparing for Victory is a seven-lesson Bible study workbook designed to prepare Victory Weekend participants to participate in a Victory Weekend retreat and help them establish a life-long walk with God.
Experiencing Victory. Experiencing Victory is a ten-lesson seminar that will help participants understand and experience the victory Christ won for them at the cross.
Discovering Victory. Discovering Victory is a five-lesson teaching manual and study guide designed to help participants understand the purpose of church and Victory’s mission and values.

Christians who desire to be disciples and make disciples may participate in Victory Weekend. They must:
➢    Be involved in a church-based Victory group.
➢    Go through One 2 One with a Victory group leader.
➢    Complete the Preparing for Victory Bible study.
➢    Fast at least one day (preferably three days) prior to the Victory Weekend.
➢    Bring the Experiencing Victory and Discovering Victory manuals to the Victory Weekend.

After one attends Victory Weekend, one may choose to study Training for Victory. Training for Victory is a ten-week training course designed to equip you to make disciples and lead your own Victory group. The training module is based on Christ’s definition of a disciple—someone who follows Jesus, fellowships with believers, and fishes for people (Matthew 4:19-22)

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